Demo Reel 2016
Demo Reel © Megan Kayleigh Sullivan 2016
Rice & Rocks
Illustrations and preliminary sketches for Rice and Rocks, a story written by Sandra L. Richards.
Storyboards for 'Secret Space Escapes'
Storyboard drawings for recreation scenes in television series, "Secret Space Escapes," produced by ITV America for Science Channel
Hitler's Folly
Sketches that will appear in Bill Plympton's upcoming mockumentary, "Hitler's Folly," which is expected to debut in 2016
TEDxNavesink Demo
Concept demo clip for the TEDxNavesink brand originally intended for use at 2014 conference.
Fiendish quests to answer unanswerable questions, that feeling at 5am when the sunlight threatens to toast your retinas upon contact, that guy at the juice bar assaulting defenseless employees with unsolicited lessons about the evils of gluten…is there anything worse than a smart owl? Let's find out.
The Hand that Wields the Crook
The invisible hand wields the crook, and even the most prying investigation may never reveal the body to which the hand belongs.
The Chosen Ones
Why you? Why me? Why not?
Bang Bang Hoop Hoop
Happiness is a what? Hooping and editing by Megan Sullivan "Live at the Winston" by Thee Irma & Louise
Green Light White Heat
A little experiment.
Little Black Book
My dear dilapidated sketchbook, preserved for posterity on the sprawling virtual frontier of Everyman's Land.
Tribute to Donovan's Reef
Here's to you, Donovan's Reef.
July Massacre
Your favorite summer beverage… with a morbid twist.
Courage in the Valley of the Living
Because that's where it counts. The hoodoos of Bryce Canyon bear such a striking resemblance to the bones of the human foot that I referenced an anatomy chart to draw the canyon walls.
Prints I made while studying abroad in Switzerland.
35mm Black and White
Most of these were shot in Paris, with the exception of the cowboy, the flag in the wind, and the worst case scenario. The two self-portraits were shot in le cimetière du Montparnasse by the one and only Mistress Andrew Garner.
Uncle Sam Would Be So Proud
There really is nothing quite like careening through the desert in a 92' red Honda Prelude at 130 miles per hour.
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